What is agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia or fear of public spaces can be defined as an out-of-proportion concern about finding oneself in a situation, where it might be difficult to find an escape. Such anxiety can thus appear in various public places such as supermarkets, shopping malls, trams, trains, planes or airports. What makes this mental condition even more debilitating is that over time, people suffering from agoraphobia may find any public place – even an empty park or a quiet gallery – unbearably threatening. When not treated, even a short period of time spent outside of home can cause terrifying anxiety to those affected.

What people with this condition fear most is to experience a sudden panic attack and to remain exposed to its devastating symptoms.

What are the causes of agoraphobia?

Similar to other anxiety disorders, the onset of agoraphobia is associated with various potential triggers. However, mental health experts across the world believe that the main cause of this disorder is an excessive fear of physical and mental manifestations of anxiety, as well as loss of control or embarrassment. As a result, individuals with agoraphobia feel forced to avoid potentially dangerous places, as they are terribly frightened by the idea of experiencing a severe anxiety or a panic attack again.

How can agoraphobia be reduced?

At VIRTUO, we offer our clients a quick relief from their anxiety. We use the most effective methods supported by years of research and practice. By providing information about important processes in the human body and engaging innovative technology of virtual reality, we will help you enjoy your everyday life after just a few sessions.

An important step on your new path to health is to realize that all physiological and psychological reactions in your body follow certain patterns. These patterns can be changed positively. Avoidant behavior is a habit that can be unlearned, too. In addition, you will acquire effective strategies that help you respond more calmly during unpleasant situations. Over the course of your sessions at VIRTUO, you gradually learn that anxiety-provoking situations are less dangerous than what they seem.

Findings from scientific research confirm that the sooner the affected individuals begin treatment, the more likely they are to get rid of this condition permanently.

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